Lynden Lube & Auto

8181 Guide Meridian Rd

Lynden, WA 98264

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Hours of Business:

Mon - Fri:  8am - 5pm

Sat:  8am - 2pm

Sun:  Closed

Diagnostic Service

Lynden Lube and Auto has vehicle diagnostic service technology to sniff out issues.  Modern day vehicles are run by computers which control just about everything your vehicle does. How it drives, accelerates, starts, brakes, delivers fuel to the engine, etc.  This makes modern day vehicles much more economical and responsive. This is accomplished by using a multitude of electronic sensors located throughout the engine. When all of these sensors are working, the vehicle will perform at its optimum level. When there is a problem, these sensors will send information about the issue to your vehicle's onboard computer. This information from our vehicle diagnostic service allows our technicians to identify the problems and fix only what needs to be fixed.