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Engine Repair Services

If you've had your car for a while, you will most likely be able to tell when it is not running as it should. The following are symptoms to watch out for:

  1. Warning lights or abnormal gauge readings

  2. Changes in the acceleration or braking systems

  3. Visible signs of leaks (on your pavement after parking over night)

  4. Weird smells coming from in or outside of the vehicle

  5. Unusual noises, ticks or thumping sounds

  6. Unusual sounds when starting the engine

  7. Shaking or trembling feeling when coming to a stop

It is a good idea to pay attention to your vehicle and let Lynden Lube and Auto perform routine maintenance suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. You should keep your owner's manual and service manual handy. If you are not sure of your vehicle's proper schedule, ask our mechanics.